Primal Blueprint Workout Plan: The Basics | Mark’s Daily Apple

Primal Blueprint Workout Plan: The Basics | Mark’s Daily Apple.

I love this website. Mark Sisson provides a ton of information for free and, yes, he is selling products, etc. but take what you want and leave the rest. Don’t let that be an excuse to not investigate his website. He provides a wealth of information (did I mention for free). He provides all kinds of different, quick workouts (for free). When people tell me they don’t have time to exercise, I know it’s not really true. Yes, yes. I’ve heard it all. The kids, my job, Law & Order is on. But honestly some of these workout require nothing but your own body weight and a small amount of space. I did one called “descending burpees”. I started with 20 burpees, 19 burpees, 18 burpees  all the way down to 1. It kicked my butt, was efficient in that it only required a small amount of time, space and my own body weight. I’ll include a you tube video of burpees so you can get started right away. The video does a great job of showing modifications all the way up to wearing a weighted vest while performing them. So check out the website and take some of the workouts for a spin. Law & Order is always on at some point in the day so get up and move now and catch an episode later. And remember, “those who think they have not time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness.”  ~Edward Stanley


About Nancy Johnson Chavez

Provider of fitness and wellness inspiration. I have been in the business of fitness for 25 years. I love to help people overcome their obstacles in life and realize their true potential. It is a gift to wake up every day and do what I do. I don't coddle or hand hold. I guide clients along to self sufficiency and help to empower them. I am certified Level 1 CrossFit, certified CrossFit Gymnastic, certified CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting. And I am addicted to almond butter
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3 Responses to Primal Blueprint Workout Plan: The Basics | Mark’s Daily Apple

  1. Andrea C says:

    Hi Nancy! Great blog! I’ve got a question – I just watched the video with the Burpees and I’m rather intimidated. I honestly don’t think I could pull one off without hurting myself LOL. I saw the one modification on the push up. What do you recommend for people starting Crossfit? I’d really like to give it a go, but walking into a local Crossfit – I know I couldn’t keep up. I’ve read it’s more of an elite athlete workout – so how does that work for those of us who are nowhere near that level?
    Thanks to your prompting I’ve worked squats into my day. I do them every time I brush my teeth. Works out well! 🙂
    Thanks! Andrea

    • Andrea, click on the link for “mountain climbers” (and the video doesn’t show a modification I’ve done with clients but I’ve had people start the mountain climber with their hands on their sofa, bench (make sure object is secured and doesn’t get away from you)). This is where I usually start people if they’re not ready for burpees. And I love CrossFit but you don’t have to run out and join a CF gym. Start incorporating a few things into your weekly routine right at home and this post today provides a lot of great info to get started. Bookmark it and come back to it now and again. One of my clients refers to it all the time and has made dramatic changes. Heck, she was cutting down a tree a few weeks ago. Something she says wouldn’t have been possible even six months ago. Thanks for checking in Andrea. Keep me posted on your progress.

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